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What to expect:

Your newborn photo session takes place in the comfort of your hospital room lasting 15-20 minutes. We encourage the whole family to participate, remember there is no upfront cost. Simply purchase what you want if you want.

Your private password is emailed to you and from that date you can share this gallery with family & friends for one week (7 days) with still no financial investments. After your 7 days we ask you to obtain what you want if anything so we can make room for more families.

When to book & session prep:

Text or call 650-759-6749 as soon as you can. Connecting weeks prior saves a few steps so we can track your delivery progress. We can service you in the hospital the day prior to going home by booking the previous day. To prepare for your session feeding baby 30 min. before and making the room temp comfortable will help. Parents please be in your going home clothes as we will use you as a background & capture with your baby. Siblings welcome too!


Depending on the number of images you purchase the range will go from $39. and up. The average price per photo when you buy a collection is approximately $16.-$18.

We pay our photographers, photo editors, web hosting vendors regardless if you purchase anything. This is how we keep the quality of our images consistent. We try to minimize further cost after your photos are ready. Although you have a week (7 days) to view your photos and decide if you want to obtain anything we do offer a special discount if you get your images early. This discount code will be included in your viewing gallery.